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Silicone Cupping Therapy Set, 4 PCS Vacuum Air Suction Cups Cellulite Massage Kit for Body Face Health Beauty Home Care, Relief Muscle Tension Pain - Blue-6976892099849

by Elera
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✅ FOR HEALTH - This potent cellulite massage cup kit not only relieve arthritis, muscle and joint pain, shoulder and neck tension, inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, gastrointestinal dysfunction, high blood pressure and other problems, but also improve your sleep quality and relieve stress, so that you have a better quality of life.

✅ FOR MANY PARTS - 2 different sizes (4PCS) of vacuum cups can be used for neck, back, chest, legs, arms and other parts to meet your different needs.

✅ FOR BEAUTY - Silicone Cupping Therapy Set improve the condition of capillaries, it can be used to improve wrinkles and dry skin, so that the skin becomes more soft, smooth and elastic. It is widely used for weight loss, can help you get rid of cellulite problems, and can also improve your stretch marks and scars, giving you a healthy and beautiful body and skin.

✅ FOR HIGH QUALITY - Made from silicone material, which this massage tool has strong suction and softness, helps to gently pull the skin and create a vacuum effect, allowing the cup to lift and stretch the skin to enhance the massage effect and prevent the phenomenon of burns.

✅ FOR CONVENIENT AND CHEAP - Due to this cupping kit has the huge advantages of low price and ease of use, silicone cupping is rapidly becoming popular, our products are easy to carry, during your travel, it can protect your body and improve your skin.


1, For better effect, we recommend using the cupping therapy set in combination with other products, such as: anti-cellulite cream, slimming massage oil, Collagen body firming lotion and varicose veins smoothing cream.
2, There are two size for you could use: the small cup is suitable for arm massage, while the larger cup is suitable for the legs, back and other larger body parts.
3, The operation is simple, suitable for beginners: just put the cup on the skin, press down with the palm of the hand to produce suction. The cups are ergonomically designed for better control, and you can also place them by sliding, fixing and stretching or statically, depending on your needs.
4, Cleaning and maintenance: hand wash with warm soapy water, and then natural air dry, it is recommended to clean once after each use.

1, Each use time is controlled within 20 minutes, use once a week.
2, Please do not use alcohol to clean, and do not freeze, heat or boil the cup.

Do you know:
What is silicone cupping therapy?
1, Cupping cup can be made of glass, bamboo, metal, silicone and so on.
2, Traditional cupping therapists put flammable substances (such as alcohol, herbs, or paper) into a cup and light it. When the fire dies down, they put the cup upside down on your skin. When the air in the cup cools, a vacuum is created. This causes your skin to swell and turn red as your blood vessels dilate. The silicone cupping treatment is a more modern version. By creating a vacuum on the surface of the skin, the can is attached to the skin and a certain suction is formed. This helps to promote local blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and Qi-blood circulation. It's safer than traditional cupping.

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