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5 benefits of blood pressure in Old age

Living with a parent with hypertension has taught me a few things about the use of monitors for the clinical management of the condition and the patient. Using the device every day to measure and record the values for the doctor’s scrutiny can be tasking especially for a person who has to travel around. With the Elera Monitor, it becomes so easy to use and quite portable for such a person.

Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor has several features that make it ideal for use:

  • It is very easy to use.

It is small, portable and also very easy to use. This monitor is placed on the wrists and has a band to firmly grasp its hold making it ideal for use whether seated or laying on a bed.

  • It is automated.

Unlike the Stone Age cardiac stress testing method our ancestors used, this device shows the pressure readings automatically it is correctly placed in its position on your wrist. This makes the readings more accurate and eliminates the environmental noise during the treadmill test using the manual method.

  • It has an LED digital display

The display makes it easy to read the values showing on the monitor. The light on the screen of the monitor makes it more valuable as it can be used in dimly lit places and places with no access to electricity. Did I also mention it uses a battery? Yes it does! This makes it ideal for everyone even those who don’t have access to electricity.

  • It also shows your heart beat rate

This device also reads your heart beat whenever you use it for pressure, talk of killing two birds with one stone! With the blood pressure and heart beat relation; this device will give readings of both the latter and former at the exact time making it easy for the doctor to make judgment from the readings of any risk of a cardiovascular disease.

  • It has two sets of memory

Take a reading and forget to jot it down? No problem! The Elera monitor will store in its memory till the next time you use it again. This feature is an added advantage to the device since you aren’t tasked with the load of remembering the figures the whole time, making it very convenient.

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